Proudly hosted in joint collaboration with the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (EAHS).

To be held in conjunction with the 2024 Arabian Breeders World Cup | 28-30 March in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup (EAHGC) is coming to North America! We are thrilled that both the Emirates Arabian Horse Society, in affiliation with ECAHO, have extended the opportunity to our breeders and owners in the USA, Canada and Mexico to share in this exciting, innovative and truly global programme which will reward fifty North American bred and owned purebred Arabian horses annually with nearly US$70,000 in prize money.

The North American Championship has the distinct honour of being the very first ECAHO-sanctioned event in the USA and the third leg of the Global Cup on the annual international calendar in the EAHGC tour. Scheduled for the Thursday the 28th to Saturday the 30th of March 2024, the EAHGC North American Championship will be conducted in conjunction with the Arabian Breeders World Cup on the Polo Fields at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A total of ten shows will be included in the Emirates Global Cup Tour annually in six regions worldwide: two in the Middle East – Bahrain and Oman; two in North Africa – Egypt and Morocco; three in Europe – France, Denmark and Czechia; and one each in Australasia (Australia), South America (Brazil) and North America – joining forces with our own Arabian Breeders World Cup in Scottsdale! 

According the rules outlined by the EAHS, North American based owners and breeders from the USA, Canada and Mexico who breed less than fifteen (15) purebred Arabian foals a year will qualify to compete and win prize money as small-medium sized breeders with their purebred Arabian breeding stock. Paid entry for your qualifying purebred Arabian breeding class in the World Cup will grant automatic entry into the corresponding division in the EAHGC for all horses owned by certified small-medium sized breeders. Prize money will be paid directly by the EAHS to all owners of horses placed first through fifth in all ten (10) EAHGC qualifying classes for purebred Arabian junior fillies and colts (yearlings, two year olds and three year olds), as well as senior mares and stallions (two splits according to age for both genders).

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