Exhibitor Information

Show Dates: March 31 – April 3, 2022

Location: Polo Grounds of WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ

2022 Arabian Breeders World Cup Judges

2022 Judges 2022 Judges 2022 Judges
International Judge
Fabio Amorosino
North American Judge
Van Jacobsen
North American Judge
Paul Kostial
North American Judge
Steve Lieblang
International Judge
Caroline Reid
International Judge
Tomasz Tarczynski

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Scoring System

A vision of the Arabian Horse Breeders’ Alliance is to enhance the Arabian horse experience by presenting exciting horse shows; unifying the standard in the halter show-ring; inviting the participation of world competition; promoting the breeders of Arabian horses; and as a result of all of this, to ignite the marketplace for Arabian horses.

We will have a mix of American and international judges in order to get closer to having a single standard against which to judge rather than to have a “European” style horse vs. an “American” style horse. Our objective with the scoring system was to create a more unified standard; to achieve transparency in judging by showing all scores following the judging of each horse; and to engage the crowd more since they can score along with the judges and better understand what it is that makes for a winner.

ABWC Stallion Presentations

Sessions are available at the World Cup for horse presentations during the lunch break each day!
You will have 30 minutes to present your horse(s) to a captive audience.
Get us your script and book your day!
Cost $500
Contact the Arabian Breeders World Cup at info@arabianbreedersworldcup.com to schedule your presentation

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