Prize Money Payout & Exhibitor Declaration

According the rules outlined by the Emirates Arabian Hores Society, all horses placed first (1st) through fifth (5th) in each qualifying class will be awarded prize money courtesy of the EAHGC Organising Committee. The amount paid to each place getter shall be identical; the 2024 payout is 5000 AED (Emirati Dirham) per place getter. A total of fifty (50) place getters are eligible for prize money payouts in 2024 at the EAHGC North American Championships.

Prize money shall be transferred directly to the designated bank account of each owner by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (EAHS). The designated bank account of each horse owner with EAHGC-NAC entered horses must be submitted with the EAHGC declaration. Only one bank account is permitted per owner. Exhibits that are co-owned should determine which account shall receive the prize money funds as payouts WILL NOT be split. Prize money payouts WILL NOT be available during the show and will be made via electronic funds transfer post-show in the timeframe determined by the EAHS. 

As of today’s current exchange rates, nearly USD$70,000 in prize money will be awarded to American, Canadian & Mexican breeders and owners at the Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup North American Championship conducted in conjunction with the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Scottsdale this March. This is one of the most rewarding prize money programs ever to be introduced specifically for small breeders dedicated to perpetuating the Arabian horse. The AHBA is honoured and privileged to partner with the Emirates Arabian Horse Society to reward the heart and soul of our global Arabian community: the small and medium-sized breeder.

For a complete explanation of Prize Money Payouts for winning exhibits at the Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup North American Championship, please click on the link below to download the PDF.

All owners/exhibitors who qualify as small/medium-sized breeders are required to complete an EAHGC-NAC Declaration Form. This form will serve as proof that all owners comply with the definition of a small/medium-sized breeder as determined by the EAHS, and shall further grant consent to the show organisers to verify the claims made therein.   

The Declaration must be completed in full detailing banking information to facilitate international wire transfer by the EAHS directly to the bank account of those exhibitors eligible for prize money payout by successfully participating in the EAHGC-NAC. No prize money will be paid out to eligible exhibitors by the AHBA nor at the Arabian Breeders World Cup.  

To complete an EAHGC-NAC Declaration should you qualify as a small/medium-sized breeder, please click on the link below to download the PDF and return with your ABWC entries.