EAHGC-NAC Rules, Regulations & Eligibility

The Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup (EAHGC) is an innovative, important and exciting new initiative masterminded by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (EAHS), under the patronage of His Highness Skeikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nayhan, to encourage not only the breeding of purebred Arabian horses but to also reward and recognise small and medium-sized breeders around the world. The specifics of this truly global initiative, including the rules, regulations, definitions, eligibility and prize money payouts, have been carefully crafted by the EAHS, under the supervision and with the affiliation of ECAHO, to ensure the greatest number of small and medium-sized breeders/owners around the world are both recognised and rewarded for their breeding efforts in their local jurisdictions. 

North American Owners & Breeders

Participation in the EAHGC-NAC is limited to citizens and federally recognised residents of North America, which currently encompasses the countries of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. Both the current owner, the exhibitor entering the horse, and the original breeder as listed on the official studbook registration, either AHA or CAHR, must be American, Canadian or Mexican. Proof of registration with the official studbook listing of both owner and breeder will be required with each EAHGC-NAC entry.

Small & Medium-Sized Breeders

The EAHS, for the purposes of participation in the EAHGC, defines a small/medium-sized breeder/owner as any breeder/owner who breeds fifteen (15) or less purebred Arabian foals in any annual breeding season. All foals officially registered by each breeder/owner with AHA and the CAHR will be counted collectively to determine the number of foals bred in an annual North American breeding season. 

Three-Year Period of Eligibility as Small or Medium-Sized Breeder

Each year, the EAHGC-NAC will define the three-year period (36 months) for which eligibility as a small/medium-sized breeder is determined. To qualify, each owner/breeder must be considered a small/medium-sized breeder in every single year (12-month period) of the eligibility period. For the inaugural 2024 EAHGC-AC, the three-year eligibility period will encompass the 2020, 2021 and 2022 breeding seasons, from 01 January 2020 through 31 December 2022. All foals born between 01 January 2021 and 31 December 2023, and officially registered within the AHA and CAHR registries, will count towards the total foals bred by each OWNER who wishes to participate in the EAHGC-NAC as an EAHS-certified small/medium-sized breeder.  

EAHGC Entry & Exhibition

Paid entry for your qualifying purebred Arabian breeding class in the Arabian Breeders World Cup will grant automatic entry into the corresponding division in the EAHGC for all horses owned by certified small-medium sized breeders. Horses entered in the both the ABWC and EAHGC-NAC purebred breeding classes will show ONLY ONE TIME on either Thursday (fillies & mares) or Friday (colts & stallions). Judges will, however, score all qualified entries twice: first using the Arabian Scorecard to determine the score and placing in the ABWC; and second, using the Global Cup scorecard to determine the score and placing in the EAHGC-NAC. Final scores and placings for both qualifying classes – the ABWC and the EAHGC-NAC – will be announced at the conclusion of each qualifying breeding class. Those horses placed first through fifth in the EAHGC-NAC will be recognised in a prize giving ceremony following the announcement of scores, results and prize giving in the corresponding ABWC qualifying classes.

For a complete list of Rules & Regulations pertaining specifically to the Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup North American Championship, please click on the link below to download the PDF.