AHBA Mission & Vision

AHBA Mission

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance seeks to unite breeders in an effort to enhance their experience with Arabian horses, encourage Arabian horse ownership among others, and generate positive growth and appreciation of the Arabian breed through education, judicious competition, and selective promotion and publicity.  Furthermore, the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance seeks to become a worldwide community of breeders united in their dedication to the Arabian breed as well as thoughtful guardianship of these unique horses for generations to come.

AHBA Vision

To form a proactive coalition of dedicated Arabian horse breeders whose united efforts ensure the promotion and perpetuation of the worlds oldest breed in an ethical and responsible manner.

To ensure that all promotional and educational efforts celebrate the natural beauty, nobility, history, and unique character of the breed.

To provide world-class competitive and evaluation opportunities that showcase the Arabian breed in an exciting and dynamic manner to newcomers and owners alike while providing sound guidance to both breeders and potential owners.

To ensure that judges for all competitions are selected from an international spectrum of respected people and that all competitive endeavors reflect the highest possible worldwide standards and not merely those of a single country.