Does the “no whip contact” rule for halter horses apply at the World Cup?

Yes – USEF Rule AR107.1.h reads “There can be NO contact of the whip to the horse. ANY contact shall result in elimination by the judge.” Ring and Show Stewards will be granted the authority to eliminate competitors that violate this rule in the show ring and the collecting ring.

USEF Rule AR 107.1.i will also apply - “A horse that appears to be intimidated by its handler will be penalized. This may include but is not limited to crouching, cowering, quivering, withdrawing and buckling their knees. Judges may excuse an entry deemed in violation of these restrictions.”

Are handlers permitted to show multiple horses per class in the halter/in-hand classes?

Yes – handlers may enter and show multiple horses in halter/in-hand classes. Handlers listed on the entry are responsible for ensuring that each horse entered is lead by a capable and responsible handler during the initial inspection of each class when horses are evaluated collectively as well as when horses return for awards at the conclusion of each class. Any entry deemed unsafe or unruly by the judges or show officials with any handler at any time during the class may be excused from further judging.

What attire should I wear to exhibit a halter horse?

Appropriate attire for the halter/in-hand division should reflect the accepted style in the North American/International show ring. Handlers are asked to dress more formally for the Championship classes on Sunday. Handlers will not be penalized if they choose to wear traditional white common in European countries.

Am I allowed to bring my own feed & bedding?

Yes – you are allowed to bring the feed (hay, grain & supplements) for your horses. Bedding (shavings) will be provided. Any additional shavings and feed required during the show must be purchased from the South Point. Horses are not allowed to be bedded on straw.

Will I have access to the barn area?

Barn access will be restricted to exhibitors, owners and grooms. All persons allowed barn access will need to sign a South Point waiver in the Show Office. Exhibitors will be allowed access to the Barn Area via an electronic swipe with Hotel issued room keys. Only those guests registered with the hotel as Horse Show exhibitors will be allowed access via their room key. Clients and guests may be granted access to the Barn Area if accompanied by an authorized exhibitor provided each person has signed a South Point waiver in the Show Office or at the Welcome/Registration desk.

How will horses be shown in halter/in-hand classes?

Class Conduct – Breeding & AMATEUR TO HANDLE Classes

(a)    All horses to be shown collectively at the beginning of each class. Horses shall enter the ring at a trot in a clockwise direction in chronological age order (according to date of birth) from oldest to youngest. Horses to circle clockwise at a controlled walk around the entire circumference of the ring completing a minimum of two (2) complete circles. All horses to exit ring as directed by Ring Steward.

(b)    The first entry to be exhibited in each class will be drawn randomly by the show secretary (or a designated member of the show committee) prior to the commencement of each class. The individual horse corresponding to the selected back number will be the first horse exhibited individually to the judging panel. The remainder of the class will be exhibited in chronological age order from oldest to youngest following the first horse shown, with the second horse shown being the next youngest, and so on (according to the original chronological age order assigned in the initial class presentation at the walk). The oldest horse in the class will be shown immediately following the youngest, should the oldest horse not be the first horse shown.    

(c)    Each entry shall be exhibited and evaluated individually. Horse to enter ring at a trot in hand as indicated in the Breeding & In-Hand Class Conduct Diagram immediately following. Horses shall be encouraged to move with elegance, impulsion and charismatic animation at the trot exhibiting authentic Arabian type around the entire circumference of the ring.

(d)    Following the trot, each entry shall return to the center of the ring / presentation area (directly in front of the VIP section) and shall walk in a straight line from (in the direction of the score presentation) and then return towards the judges (in the direction of the center of the presentation area) as directed by the ring steward.

(e)    Each entry will then be exhibited as a halter horse within the center of designated presentation area directly in front of the VIP seating section. Horse to be presented for evaluation by judging panel in a controlled, yet uninhibited and/or intimidated manner. Horse shall stand squarely on all four legs and shall be shown with natural elegance and professionalism. Excessive use of the whip and/or horses that appear intimidated or fearful of the handler WILL BE penalized by the Judging Panel, and may result in expulsion from the ring.

(f)     Horse and handler to be excused from the ring at the formal request of the ring steward. Horses are to exit ring at a either a controlled walk or trot towards the Entry/Exit. Handlers are requested to use extreme caution when exiting as to not inhibit the performance of any successive entry.

(g)    All entries MUST remain in the designated warm-up/holding area prior to individual presentation and preferably throughout the entire class process or at least until the Top Five winners for the class in question have been announced by the Paddock Announcer. Any entry not complying with this requirement, will be eliminated from further judging in the qualifying class and WILL NOT be eligible for any award in the class in which the infraction occurred.

(h)    Those horses receiving the five highest point scores tabulated according to the Arabian Breeders World Cup Scoring System will be called back into the ring in reverse order (5th place to 1st place) for the awarding of prizes immediately following each class.

(i)     Only one handler per exhibit is permitted in the ring at any one time. Handlers may present more than one exhibit per class, provided that there is a capable handler for each horse during the initial group judging and during the awards presentation.

(j)     Handlers will be neatly dressed.  Handlers may wear any costume normally worn in their country of origin. Handlers may not wear any articles of clothing carrying any form of advertising which discloses the identification/connection of the horse they are handling or the farm, training stable or corporate sponsor represented.

(k)    Judges are required to judge exhibits standing, walking and trotting.

(l)     Judges may order handlers to open horses’ mouths or pick up feet for inspection.

(m)  Exhibits which appear late (missing the walk around the ring) will be excluded from the class.

(n)    Unruly horses may be ordered to withdraw at the discretion of the judge(s).

(o)    Any horse becoming loose a second time will be disqualified.

(p)    No announcement indicating the identity, breeding or past performance of exhibits, or the identity of their owners will be made during judging. It is, however, permissible for this information to be given out after the scores have been announced for each exhibit.

These classes will be recognized by the USEF but are not rated classes. As non-rated classes, they will not earn USEF points towards end of the year awards 


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